“800 million people in extreme poverty”

- The World Bank

We are surrounded by War, Refugee Crisis, Intolerance, Indifference, hatred and poverty (both physical and non-physical). Often people in the thick of these crises lack a voice. We cannot change the world, but we can lend our voice, our actions to change our zones of influence.

Who are we?

We are The Development CAFÉ, a non-profit organization based in Africa and Asia. We work to improve the lives and livelihoods of the voiceless amongst us, one step at a time, we do this through:

  • Research
  • Innovation and
  • Capacity Development

We are self funded and wish to remain so, but we need your voice, your support and participation to give voice to the voiceless.

What is My Voice Initiative?

My voice project engages regular folks from all walks of life to engage in solving small or even major issues within their zones of influence (or their surrounding areas, friends network, etc). We hope that this initiative will enable everyday citizens around the world to participate in improving the lives of the voiceless in their communities through their voices.

Where is this based?

The My Voice project is not location specific, as long as you are on earth, and care about causes around you, your voice will be heard.

How do I join?

Step 1: Choose your level of participation

Community Voice

Lend your voice to our projects, campaigns and events through social media and your networks. You get a Development CAFÉ’s ‘Community Voice for the Voiceless’ toolkit, which includes, a badge and laptop sticker.

Community Leader

Participate on our projects, volunteer, events within your community as a lead contributor. You get a Development CAFÉ’s ‘Community Leader for the Voiceless’ toolkit, which incudes a badge, laptop sticker and a t shirt.

Community Champion

Organize and participate on our projects, volunteer for events involving multiple communities, representing causes of your interest. You get Development CAFÉ’S Community Champion for the Voiceless toolkit, which includes a badge, laptop sticker, t shirt and a USB.

Community Ambassador

Organize, initiate and lead events for causes closer to your heart. Be Development CAFEs representative in a city, region or even a country. You get Development Café’s Community Ambassador for the voiceless toolkit, which includes, a badge laptop sticker, t shirt, USB, a cap,


Directly involve in Development CAFÉ’s existing projects, or initiate new ones. You get all of Development CAFÉ toolkit plus personal email id and office space when needed.

Step 2: Act

You can choose to participate in any of the above capacity for one whole year, by contributing to the to the My Voice Fund. This fund enables us to reach out to our network members, directly supports our projects, and helps us stay independent and focus on real issues at the grassroots.

Participation Level

You will be redirected to registration page after payment